Zach Berzolla to represent Titans in Quebec

Oct 31, 2010

Zach Berzolla, Bantam Minors, Pee Wee Quebec Team


Background Information: “I play for the Titans 1997 Bantam Minor, playing up as a 1998.  This weekend we are going to Washington to play the Little Caps.  This is my second year playing up with the 1997 team.  Playing up with the 1997s has helped tremendously, made me quicker and a better player.  I have played travel hockey all along for the Titans.  I play defense with the 1997 team and am a defensive defenseman who likes to throw the body around.  Also I am the only Titan to make one of two Quebec teams.


  1. Take me through the process of making the Quebec team:

“I had to go through three tryouts with kids from all over the state for the process.  After each tryout they made cuts to trim the numbers down.  About 80 kids tried out for the team and 20 made the final roster.  The first and second tryout was strictly for the Devils team but the third tryout brought everyone together and mixed it in.”


  1. Take me through your thoughts going into the Quebec team tryouts.

“Going into the tryouts I was a little nervous, but excited because you had heard all about the team from last year.  Ryan Walker, Matt Chinnici, Todd Goehring, and JP Monteverdi gave me a lot of support regarding the tryout process and talked the experience up as a great opportunity.”


3. Who was most influential in having you tryout for the Quebec team.

“My father and Coach Walker were the two most influential people in the process of having me tryout for the team.”


4. What were your expectations going into the tryouts?

-“Just went out there, showed up at the tryouts and just wanted to play my best and hope for the best regarding making the squad.”


5. What was your feeling when you had found out about making the team?

      “I was very excited and couldn’t wait to get going and started in the process.”


6. What would it feel like to knock out Coach Walker’s Flyers Quebec Team up there if there’s an opportunity to play each other?

      “It would be a little weird but it would be a fun experience to knock out Coach   

      Walker’s Flyers Quebec Team.”