Billet Families

Each season the New Jersey Titans seek billet (host) families for our players. These players are recruited from many states and need housing within a reasonable driving distance to the rink. For players to take advantage of the opportunity, these young men need families willing to share their home and make it a home away from home for them.

In short: our players need place to stay and a sound and stable billet family is a key success to our program. Part of our commitment to our players and their parents is to help provide them with a good home. Our players range in age from 16 – 20 and will be training daily on and off the ice as they pursue their goal of playing collegiate hockey.  While the family will receive some financial compensation, the ultimate reward is developing relationships that often carry on for many years well after the player has left the team.

When a family agrees to host a member of the team, they are required to provide room and board for the player. He will need a bed, bureau, closet space and a desk or table and chair. While players are expected to provide bed and bath linens, personal care items, mobile phones and media equipment, they also need to take care of their own transportation needs (many have their own car but it is possible the player periodically may ask for a ride to practice). The family also needs to make food available throughout the day while the player is at your home. This includes a basic breakfast, deli meats/leftovers at lunch and an evening meal. While on the road, however, players will take care of their own food expenses.

What is expected of the player? He must adhere to all team and house rules and show respect and consideration toward all family members. This includes cleaning up after himself and keeping his room tidy. We expect the host family to uphold and enforce these team rules while all billet rules must be communicated to the player when he arrives.

How long is a host family’s commitment? This varies depending on the player; some are with the family during the hockey season only while others will need to complete the school year. Some players go home for the weekend as often as the game schedule permits. All players go home over the holiday break. Families will receive a monthly billeting payment for each player and season tickets to the games and other amenities. If you are interested in becoming a host family for the Titans, please email Zak McGinniss by clicking this link.