Titans prepare for Tuesday after successful pre-draft camp

Jun 4, 2018

Nearly 80 players took part of the New Jersey Titans’ pre-draft camp this weekend, as the team prepares for the North American Hockey League draft this Tuesday.

Four different teams scrimmaged on Thursday, Friday and Saturday in front of the Titans scouting and coaching staff, as players look to make an impression with the NAHL squad ahead of the league’s draft on June 5. Head coach Craig Doremus said he was pleased with how the weekend worked out.

“I want to start by thanking all the players and families for their participation in camp this weekend. It was a very competitive camp,” Doremus said. “Sometimes at camps you don’t see a bunch of ‘compete,’ but all the players worked really hard this weekend.”

The camp concluded on Saturday with an All-Star game, featuring selected players between the four teams that participated throughout the weekend. Team White walked away with a 4-0 victory over Team Red, but more importantly, Doremus said there were several players that garnered interest from the coaching staff.

“The final all star game was a fast, physical contest and a number of players really made a great impression on members of the coaching and scouting staff.  After regrouping we will now shift our focus to final preparations for the draft on Tuesday afternoon,” he said.

Doremus and the rest of the Titans organization will have a busy day tomorrow as the NAHL Draft begins at 2 p.m. Eastern Time. They’ll look to build off last year’s draft that brought in forward Matthew Cameron and defenseman Jimmy Dowd Jr., two players who had successful seasons in 2017-18.

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