Titans announce 2022-23 Leadership Team

Oct 12, 2022

Titians head coach and general manage Craig Doremus has announced today his 2022-23 leadership team for the season. They are:

Anthony Calafiore – Captain
Brendan Dumas – Assistant Captain
Tyler Sanborn – Assistant Captain
Michael Young – Assistant Captain

“We are thrilled to have these young men represent and lead our group.  Each player possesses championship experience, leadership, character and integrity.  Each of these guys bring something different and unique to our leadership group and we are so proud to have them wear letters for us.  I think “leadership” is such an important quality for these young men as they continue in their junior hockey career but more importantly as they seek to continue their careers at the NCAA level.  We look forward to each of these guys leading our group as we pursue the Robertson Cup playoffs.”

“Anthony is three-year veteran of our franchise.  He has learned for those who walked before him and was a key part of our team last year and was an assistant captain of a championship team.  His competitiveness, drive and tenacity is so impressive to watch day to day.  He has earned everything he has got in the game, and we are so happy to have him wear the “C” for us.”

“Brendan has really taken a step this year as a player and a young man.  Last year as a rookie he was able to produce for us and carried a heavy load for us offensively.  He worked hard to round out and complete his game and the energy and passion he brings to our team day to day is critical to our success.”

“Sandy” is the prototypical good soldier.  Sandy does everything the right way.  He goes about his business and conducts himself like a pro day to day.  I think his experience last year on and off the ice will lend to him guiding many of the newer players day to day.  He is a tremendous teammate who knows how to communicate and relate with every player on our roster.”

“Michael has grown so much in his 14 months as a Titan.  Michael’s career with us wasn’t always smooth and easy.  He had to work very hard just to make our team last year and then was able to carve a big role for himself.  He works tirelessly at his craft and has a quiet, calm matter to him.  Michael has a pro like demeanor to himself.  He is able to communicate well with all of his peers and has worked hard to become more and more vocal.”