Titans Announce 2014 Summer Schedule

Mar 25, 2014

The Titan program is proud to announce our 2014 Summer Program Schedule.  The Titans will attend the 2014 EHL Spring Showcase with two teams, a Junior team for potential prospects and a U18 team from May 16th-18th at the Haverhill Valley Forum in Haverhill, Massachusetts.


The Titans will then attend the Sr. Chowder Cup with two teams, one being a prospect team while the other will be made up of current Titans, and the Jr. Chowder Cup in Walpole, Massachusetts with the Titans two U16 teams for the upcoming season.  The Sr. Chowder Cup dates are July 17th-20th, while the Jr. Chowder Cup dates are July 24th-July 27th. 


Registration information for the EHL Spring Showcase can be found HERE.


Registration Information for the SR. and JR. Chowder Cup can be found HERE.

*All Applications must be approved by the Titans Hockey Department.


The Titans operate their Summer Program in cohesion with the NJ Raiders Summer Program.