MAX Hockey Coming to New Jersey

Feb 26, 2013

Howell, NJ – Do you want to challenge yourself this spring? Do you want to get better this spring? If your answer is yes, then it’s not just about playing games and in tournaments. It’s about applying yourself to one of the most dedicated, grueling, and rewarding programs out there. It’s Dynamic Skating's MAX Hockey. And it’s coming to New Jersey this spring.

Dynamic Skating's MAX Hockey training programs which have revolutionized spring and summer hockey in the New England area is set to come to New Jersey this spring for the first time to extend their footprint into the New Jersey area year round, exclusively at Howell Ice World.

MAX Hockey is the ONLY program for Pro, College, High School and Junior High School players wishing to bring their game to the highest level. Max HD is designed for the dedicated player who wants athletic and personal self-improvement.

With their professional instruction and staff, MAX Hockey pushes players to their maximum potential. On Ice Training includes:

  • 24-36 hours of on-ice activity over the course of the 8 week program.
  • Option to choose 2 or 3 1.5 hour on-ice sessions per week.
  • 16-24 hours of off-ice training over the course of the 8 week program.
  • Howell Ice World – Howell, NJ
  • 1:6 Coach to Player Ratio
  • individual skating and skill training
  • situational and combative drills by position
  • emphasis on technique and speed
  • acceleration and over speed training
  • speed with creative thinking and reacting drills
  • working outside the comfort zone, expanding your limits
  • program will provide athletes the opportunity to maintain and enhance their skill and conditioning level throughout the summer

MAX Hockey is second to none in development and training in the tri-state area as evidenced by their alumni list, seen here:

MAX Hockey is alsothe ONLY program with professional-level strength training AND professional-level hockey coaching.

MAX Hockey also offers the best coaching out there. The program is put together by John McLean, a former Merrimack and Boston College Assistant Coach and current Malden Catholic Head Coach, who is one of the premier instructors in all of New England. McLean also serves as the Boston Bruins skating coach. Tom Ford has been Dynamic Skating’s Local NJ Instructor for the past number of years, and Coach Ford is as good as it gets in New Jersey. A high level New England player, Coach Ford pushes players to the maximum of their ability both on and off the ice. With Coach Ford you will have a challenging, yet rewarding experience.

MAX Hockey will be offering programs at the Junior/College Level Age Group, High School/Midget Level Age Group, and Middle School/Bantam Level Age Group. MAX Hockey New Jersey will be an exclusive program where players will be selected to the program as it’s high level of training and intensity is only fit for a certain caliber player. Ice World is excited to welcome MAX Hockey to New Jersey this spring/summer as the premier training program in New Jersey. MAX Hockey will be in New Jersey with their program starting on April 22nd in New Jersey through the week of June 17th. The program will be limited to 36 skaters per group and is as exclusive of a program as there is out there.

Players can sign up by visiting our soon to be live website, We look forward to seeing players there.

*This program is designed and administrated by DYNAMIC SKATING. Acceptance based on player credentials, recommendations and Max Hockey approval.