PWAA Take Bandits 3-2

Sep 17, 2011

The Bandits had beaten this same core of kids out at Sliver Sticks finals a few years back and some of their boys had come down to the summer camps at Howell Iceworld, so this was a friendly rivalry to say the least. 

The very talented Bandits came gunning and in the first 5 minutes opened a 2-0 lead.  The Titans were on their heels but held their ground.

Thomas Walker surrendered no other goals, and the Titans slowly chipped their way back in the game.  Nearing the end of the game, Alex Phipps scored the go ahead goal, to make it 3-2 and the Titans home crowd went crazy.  The onslaught of the Bandits in the last 2 minutes was held off by the Titan defenders and they all celebrated as the final horn sounded.