JHL Summer League Three Weeks Away

May 24, 2014

JHL Summer League Readies for 8th Season


The JHL Summer League, entering it's 8th season is getting ready to open its doors on another Summer Season. For teams looking for competitive Summer Play, there is no reason to drive five hours to Boston, just drive a small portion of that to Middletown or Howell Ice World to play in the Jersey Hockey League.  The JHL which began with around 12 teams, has grown exponentially now to include around 60 teams at eight levels.


For the upcoming Summer the JHL will feature the following levels: Pro Am, Senior B/C, U20 Major, U20 Futures, U14, U12, U10, and U8.


The JHL Pro Am Division is historically, the premier adult division in the area over the course of the Summer.  The Pro Am Division, with competition at the high "A" level usually includes Professional, Collegiate, and Junior players who are amongst the premier in the area.  The Pro Am Division is extremely competitive and offers a high level of pace and play.  For more information on the Pro Am, contact Tony Valentino at tony@iceworldconsulting.com.


The JHL Senior B/C Division is played exclusively out of Middletown under the direction of League Coordinator Jason Layton.  The Senior B/C Division has grown from four teams in the Fall of 2013 to 14 teams in our current Spring/Summer 2014 Division.  This division offers players an opportunity to compete in a competitive Adult Division albeit, a step below the highly competitive Pro Am Division.  For more information on the JHL Senior B/C Division, contact Jason Layton at nucleusjay@gmail.com.


The JHL U20 Major Division is our highly competitive youth division for Midget and Junior Aged Players.  This is our top youth division which will include extremely strong competition from outside teams as well as the highest level Midget and Junior teams from within the NJ Titans organization.  High end Junior and Midget players come from all over to play in this Division.


The JHL U20 Futures Division is our second Junior and Midget Division which offers a competitive level of play for players who want to keep sharp on the ice over the course of the Summer but are not quite ready to compete against the level of players found in the U20 Major Division.  This division will feature a number of primarily first year Midget players to get acquainted with the level.


Our U14 Division of the JHL Summer League is our Bantam Division.  This offers players a great opportunity to play against players the same age over the course of the Summer, whereas most Summer Leagues only encompass a High School Level or Middle School Level, therefore not giving Bantam players the opportunity to compete over the Summer against their true age level.


Our U12 Division of the JHL Summer League is our PeeWee Division.  Our PeeWee Division is generally one of our largest divisions and most competitive.  We have had six-plus teams in our U12 Division in each of our years of existence, and we anticipate another strong turnout with the potential for eight to 10 teams in this division for the upcoming summer.


Our U10 Division is for Squirt players for the upcoming season, and is an excellent training ground for the upcoming season, especially for players moving up from Mites to Squirts as this is a great opportunity for them to get a feel for playing on the full ice.  This division is always a fun division and is a great avenue to prepare players for the upcoming Squirt season.


Our U8 Division is for our Mite Aged players.  Our U8 Division will be played exclusively at Howell Ice World as we play our U8 Division games on the Pond in a 3-on-3 setting.  This is the setting that Mites will be using during the course of the year and it's a great way for Mites to get more puck touches and more ice time.  This is a fun league and is a great precursor to the Mite Season.


For more information on any of the JHL Summer Leagues, see our Pro Am and Youth Brochures below, and feel free to contact us for more information.  


JHL Pro Am Brochure


JHL Youth Brochure



JHL Contacts include:


George Haviland



Justin Friedman



Mike Dianora



Tony Valentino