Titan Mites, Girls Stand Out in Christmas Jamboree

Jan 15, 2012

All season long, the NJ Titan Mites have been progressing at a rapid pace.  The Mite group has been getting better each and every week under the tutelage of Head Coach Jason DesRochers, and his assistants, Rich Kulaszewski, Jay Monteverdi, and Joe Campisano, as USA Hockey’s ADM has put a premium on developing skills, and the Titan Mites have had an outstanding season of development so far.


All of this culminated in the Howell Ice World Christmas Jamboree, where the Titans Mite teams battled for the Jamboree Championship, as each Titan Mite team took home one of the top three spots in the Tournament which was also attended by Brick Hockey Club, Toms River, and the NJ Lady Titans Developmental team as well.  Each of the Titan teams put on a great showing as the Titan teams showed great skills and teamwork throughout the course of the week, showing their advanced level of development. 


It culminated on Friday as two Titans teams battled in the 2ndvs. 3rdgame with the winner getting the right to face the other Titan Mite team in the Finals, therefore securing the top three spots for all Titans teams, as well as a commendable effort from the Developmental Lady Titans who have come a long way under Coach Matt Kiernan and were sticking right with the boys all weekend.  Overall, it was a fun weekend for all involved and a great way for the kids to spend their Christmas break.