Titans Members of the Eastern Hockey League

BOSTON, Mass. – The new top junior league on the east coast is the Eastern Hockey League (EHL), which is comprised of 18 top-level organizations dedicated to the goal of college advancement. EHL teams are fully committing to the USAH Hockey Junior Model and all EHL organizations have a rich history of producing tomorrow’s NCAA and NHL stars. 


The EHL operating standards will mirror many USA Hockey Tier II standards and will guarantee that each player is given the best opportunity to receive maximum exposure to NCAA and NHL scouts. The strategic location of each organization will allow the EHL teams to keep player tuition down, minimize travel and allow scouts to attend regular season games in addition to the league showcase games.


Former NHLer and U.S. Olympian Mark Kumpel, who spent the past five years coaching and managing a successful Junior hockey team, will serve as the EHL’s Director of Hockey Operations. “This group of coaches and owners are the best in Junior hockey,” said Kumpel. “The coaching staff of the EHL rivals that of any junior league in the country.” Current EHL head coaches include former college and professional players (see team web sites for individual bios). 


For players and parents looking for clarity and solid information about the Junior hockey experience, these 18 East Coast organizations are excited to form the EHL with the intention of producing college-bound hockey players and providing high standards of operation to assure a quality player environment. Simply put – a better league with higher standards and a playerfocused environment.


The EHL has implemented league-wide standards including player contracts that mandate numerous player experience criteria at no extra cost above the player tuition. Additionally, EHL member organizations have created a league-wide education service that will help players and parents find quality ways to continue their education, as well as helping them navigate their way through the process of becoming a NCAA varsity student-athlete.


The 18 EHL organizations combined for more than 120 NCAA commitments during the 2012-13 season and have a proven track record of preparing young hockey players for college hockey and beyond. All of the EHL member organizations are dedicated to increasing the number of college commitments each year as the league strives to achieve its stated purpose to advancing players to their ultimate goal of higher level hockey.  


The EHL aims to improve the college advancement process by fully committing to the USA Hockey Junior model as originally outlined by USA Hockey. The EHL will utilize the USA Hockey Junior Rulebook in its entirety, including equipment rules and playing rules. The USA Hockey Annual Guide states that the goals of Junior hockey are skill development, quality coaching, social maturity, educational advancement, recruiting exposure, advanced competition and the protection of amateur status. By following the national governing body’s plan the EHL will be bringing some clarity to the Junior hockey landscape by executing USAH’s methods of operating college developmental programs.


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